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Wanna look like you're headed to the beach or maybe you really are going on vacation!? Whatever the case maybe prep, maintain, and keep your skin at its best with this kit.  Enjoy this four week at home skincare system that will prep your skin for the best this warm weather has ever seen!!  


This kit includes:

- Glo Tho Bawdy Oil 4oz 

-Le'mon Bawdy Scrub 3oz

-4 Cush Bath 

-1 Cush Loofah


More About the ingredients in this kit!



Glo Tho Bawdy Oil:

Come through year round with glows dedicated to summer. Coconut oil moisturizes your skin and keeps it firm while sprinkles of gold highlight you in all the right places. While our infused herbs help keep your skin on point. Get yours in your favorite scent of the season.


Le'mon Body Scrub:

Refresh your skin with pink himilayan salt and freshly squeezed lemons. Keep your skin hydrated with fulfilling essential oils. Himilayan salts are known for their healing qualities in any manner that you use them.  Give your body the glow that it deserves. Spa me at heauxm please! 


Cush Bath:

A bath fit for a queen or king! Freshly grown herbs and fruits aid the skin in aging and tone. While fragrant flowers give the best scent! Soak your body in salts and milks that will treat your soul. Experience your next bath...the Cush Way!!!

Beach Me Skincare Kit

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  • Product 100% organic and safe for sensitive skin. Please remember to test products that you are unfamiliar with on an small area at least 24 hours beofre use to see if there will be a reaction.