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Get your glow on with this skin brightening treatment with this 6 week kit.  Consistent daily use of our products will not only brighten your skin but you will keep your skin clear and toned. 



This kit includes:


-Le'mon Scrub 4 oz

- Glo Tho Face Mask  4 oz 

-Tony Toni Tone Rosemary Wash 8 oz

-Milk & Honey Child Face Wash 8 oz

-On Da Spot Acne Treatment 10 mL 



More About These Products:



Le' mon Scrub


Refresh your skin with pink himilayan salt and freshly squeezed lemons. Keep your skin hydrated with fulfilling essential oils. Himilayan salts are known for their healing qualities in any manner that you use them.  Give your body the glow that it deserves. Spa me at heauxm please! 


On Da Spot Acne Treatment


Tea tree oil spot acne treatment. Enhanced with lemon to brighten dark spots instantly. This is perfect for acne or razor bumps. The tea tree oil acts as an antiseptic and heals the area immediately with proper use. 


Milk and Honey Child Face Wash


Tone and cleanse your face with this moisturizing face wash. With coconut milk and honey as the base your face is in for a treat. Honey is full of antioxidants, it is great for slowing down aging. Fountain of youth anyone?! If you intend on healing dark dull skin; the glow is here. 


Glow Tho Face Mask


Tumeric root gives your face a natural hebral glow. With healing clay your skin will remain firm with moisturizing honey. Boost your skin complexion with the best natural ingrediants. 



Tony Toni Tone Rosemary Face Wash


A natural combination of refreshing herbs and brightening lemon.  Feel your skin  repsonding to how the rosemary and lemon cleanse the pores deeply. An age old cider addition keeps this toner gone cleanser a crowd favorite. This wash is best used after your daily or nightly facial wash and mask. It's safe for sensitive skin and feels great right out of the refrigerator. 

Glow Tho Skincare Kit

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  • Product 100% organic and safe for sensitive skin. Please remember to test products that you are unfamiliar with on an small area at least 24 hours beofre use to see if there will be a reaction.