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Organic hair growth system that is suitable for facial hair or the hair on your head. With regular use ( as long as the hair follicle has not been permenantly damaged), this organic oil treatment will enhance hair growth. 



This kit includes: 

-2oz Weekly Growth Tho Treatments   

-Cotton Pads

- Applicators 




More About Grow Tho Oil 



An all natural growth treatment infused with my special herbs and essentials oils that promote growth in the hair follicle. Cold pressed castor oil grows hair purly without interuption as the main ingrediants havent been burned out. The best part is when you're done with your treatment your hair wont return to its old state as long as you take care of it. If there is activity in the follicle this will help it flourish.

Cush Oil Treatments

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  • Product 100% organic and safe for sensitive skin. Please remember to test products that you are unfamiliar with on an small area at least 24 hours beofre use to see if there will be a reaction.