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Subscription FAQ

What is The Pretty Hustler Subscription?

I launched a subscription service to give VIP discounts to clients who are serviced all the time. The subscription gives clients a low monthly rate with various discounts and freebies throughout the month. Check the chart out above to see what's best for you! 

Can I only come once a month?

While the fee is removed once a month (see payment question) ; you can use your 20% discount on other services you need during the month. Check with Roshi to ensure that you are on schedule with your appointments. 


How do we pay for this service?


You will sign up with your debit or credit card; which will be charged once monthly. Your due date is on the day you sign up. Your due date can be changed once a year. 


How does this service benefit me? 


If you're a person who places their beauty routine in their budget; this is a perfect way to manage it. You also receive a special rate and discounts for your loyalty. 


What if I decide to end my subscription?


I hate to see you go but you can back anytime!!! All subscribers are required to give a 30 day notice of cancellation. Upon notice you will be billed for your last month (on the due date)  and your card and information will be deleted. Confirmation will be sent. 


SIGN ME UP!!!!!!