Need your Pretty To Go? Look no further! Roshi offers travel service for those of you who are traveling into Georgia as well as those of you traveling out of state and abroad. 

Check the FAQs below to see if this service is right for you!

What services can I get with the ToGo service?

You can get lash extensions, on location makeup, and at home makeup appointments.

What's the difference between On Location & At Home service?

On Location means you are on the set of a photoshoot, commercial, music video, special event, or fashion show.

At Home service means I will travel to your home or hotel in the area in which I am booking that day. 

Is there any extra fee for this service?

For At Home service the fee in Georgia is $50 for all appointments within the perimeter. Anything outside of the perimeter or state will be based on travel mileage and/or travel arrangements.

On Location has a two hour booking minimum. If you need out of state assistance please give me a call so that we can discuss distance, travel arrangements, and etc. 

All Togo Appointments must have a confirmed location and ID for safety. For out of state and country bookings please allow a 24 hour grace period. 911 VIP appointments are available for an extra fee. 

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